Today,  i will share a basic learning about how to track a “Login click” metric with Weelytics and the Visual Tracker Tool™.

For reporting, we use Google Analytics. You can always do the same thing with our two other integrated tools, KISSmetrics and

Also, our website is from our website. In the future, we will try to share different websites and examples, from eCommerce, SaaS ,Blogging and more. Please, feel free to share / suggest other use cases and where Weelytics can help.

To start,

You first need to check if you already added your website domain to Weelytics. If you did so, please, start reading from Step 1: the  Visual Tracker Tool™.

Setup: Adding a domain

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Add Domain”.
  3. Write your domain name, from example,
  4. Click on “+Add Domain”
  5. Copy the generated snippet, add this snippet to Every page: before the </body>.


Unlike the Analytics tools setups, that requires codding and JS skills to be able to add website metrics and events. 

The Visual Tracker Tool™ is the tool that you can always use to visually setup new metrics tracking on your website. For example, It could be a confirmation button , a buy button or even an input click.

You can use the tool to:

  • Navigate your website like any other visitor.
  • Add, Edit and Delete your website metrics.
  • Select your actual Analytics / Reporting tool (Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and/or
  • Publish your changes to go live.

In the following video ( Weelytics v1: Metrics setup for Google Analytics ), i took our website as an example.

Using the Visual Tracker Tool™, i was able to add a new simple metric to respond to the question:

How my website visitors are using the Login navigation link?


Depending on the selected Analytics and Reporting tool selected. Login there, and navigate to your metrics / events reports to see your metrics information’s and report.

As we already added our “Login click” metric, let’s see in the following video where the “Login click” metric is available in Google Analytics?

Today, i took a micro metric, to focus and show you the functional side of Weelytics. If you are facing specific website needs and metrics, please, feel free to write as a comment or a question.

2015-11-25 10_47_10-Weelytics - The Easiest Way To Tag Your Website


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