Our website visitors are and should be very valuable. We need to understand and serve them even when we are asleep. Do you know? There is even a customer service Chatbot in the market. So, why not to understand their online behavior?

Tools to track visitors on website, such as GoSquared, KISSmetrics, and Mixpanel are not just analytics tools, they also focus on the identification and website visitor tracking as a competitive advantage against traditional tools, like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics.

But did we know why it’s an advantage? Especially for small and medium companies?

Let’s see this.


Know every person/website visitor needs

By identifying your website users through their signups and logins information’s you will be able to understand their individual behaviors and website engagement metrics.

What device Mark Lee is using to browse our website?

What if you want to view the loyal visitors of your app?

These users can give you great insights about your website and which products they like the most. Sure, they can help you focus on what matter to your loyal customers. With aggregate data, you would never know who these people are. With GoSquared, KISSmerics, and Mixpanel your users and sessions are now people.

A very big advantage, if a day you think to customise your website.

Here is an example of a GoSquared visitor/user profile:


You can see how it’s beautiful and easy to see what they did on the website, at what time, which browser…

It’s the key quality that separates them from Google Analytics. And when you understand individual people, you’ll understand how to improve your business.


Reveal who will convert or not, before they do

Use Predict to learn whether your app’s users will convert. After, implementing your website visitors tracking (video link), you can define what converting means for your business. And automatically send marketing notifications as emails based on their likelihood of conversion. For example, a n e-commerce company may want to know who will eventually buy five times. Or who won’t, so they can nudge them to.


Looking to your users behavioral trends lets you take action on things before it’s too late.


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