Having the right website or product is the natural way to attract the right audience. However, to  (1) retain and(2) grow your audience and website visitors you will need a website visitor tracking tool to focus and improve different website visitors metrics.

Of course, all this is possible after implementing and tracking them with your website visitors tracking tool as KISSmetrics, Mixpanel or Google Analytics.

Maybe you already found this too. All existent web analytics tracking and reporting tools are full of metrics and dimensions. There are hundreds of them! In this post i will introduce the ones that radically matter, again, to retain and grow your website visitors.

And, as i promised in the title, today metrics are radically simple and short. Two website metrics that works for anyone.

The Retention metric: New vs Returning visitors session

Tracking your website visitors type sessions is the best way to track the engagement of your website visitors. It’s actually the simplest response to the question, do they care?

Available in Google Analytics:  Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning.


The Growth metric: Source of traffic by conversions

This is the deadly simple and ultimate metric to grow your audience. By optimizing and spending more effort into the sources of traffic that works better. In a non digital world this metrics will show you who are your best connections, the ones who bring value to the table. So don’t forget t give them more attention. It works the same way online 😉

Simply, this is your metrics to grow.

Available in Google Analytics:  Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium.



Start monitoring those two metrics and implementing your website visitors conversions tracking, and next time we’ll tell you how to optimize each of them.


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