If you own a business website then website visitors tracking tools are important to measure your success. It is very important to have increased number of visitors and their engagement each day. However, an enormous number of visitors is not just enough. Caring and converting those visitors into customers is probably your ultimate goal. You are probably already using some usability and testing tools.

But even after designing and planning every single detail about your business and website carefully, you will find that not all your website visitors turn into customers. So when most of the visitors on your website leave without a trace, how are you supposed to know what they wanted.

Combined with your website visitors tracking, choosing the right digital analytics tool is important. There are a lot of web analytics tools available on the internet and some of them are listed below.


Google Analytics


This probably one of the best analytics tools that is available for free. Although the free version of Google Analytics tool is suitable for most of the websites, there is a paid version that is meant for big business owners.

Google Analytics has massive reporting capability, rivaling paid web analytics solutions.

It is free for sites with up to 5 million page views per month or unlimited page views if your site is linked to an AdWords account. Data can be exported using Excel, CSV, PDF, email and tab delimited files.




Kissmetrics is an analytics and conversion solution built to help growth marketers measure revenue and customer behavior. It’s paid and they offer a 14 days free trails.

Kissmetrics provides visualization and funnels tools on to show how users interact with websites, web apps, and mobile products. It collects and shows customers acquisition data for each user. It revolutionized the website visitors tracking tools.





GoSquared offers real-time user-level analytics for sites and apps. With people analytics, powerful filtering, events and e-commerce tracking, GoSquared puts all your user data in one place.

This is my first choice for real-time website visitors tracking.




Segment is the single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data. If you collect your website visitors interactions with Segment, you will have the comfort to send this data from Segment to a long list of tools and integrations.




Mixpanel is an extremely flexible event based analytics service for web, mobile and more with funnels, formula, and more. It’ paid and they offer 14 days free trails.

They describe them selves as “the most advanced analytics platform ever”.




It is an open source web analytics tool that gives you a clear idea about the traffic on your website, marketing campaigns and much more. Piwik could very helpful if you really don’t want to share your website data with third party tools.



This tool provides analytics information to its users but in the real time.



This website visitors tracking tool can help you monitor human activity in your website or blog in the real time.


What about you? Did you had the chance to experience one of our favorites website visitors tracking tools?

Also, if you are interested in choosing between to website visitors tracking tools, we shared recently a comparison post for Kissmterics vs Mixpanel.

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