Mixpanel vs Google Analytics vs Kissmetrics, what is what? I see this question everywhere those days, from Quora to medium. A lot of valuable information’s and responses available there. So why not to some it up in a blog post to the benefits of everyone?

All those tools are digital analytics tools, you can use them to track your website or mobile app, well implemented they can provide the best insights and metrics about your customers and website visitors.

However, Google Analytics is pretty different than Kissmetrics/Mixpanel. That’s why in this post is more about comparing Google Analytics to Mixpanel and Kissmetrics than a Mixpanel vs Google Analytics vs Kissmetrics comparison.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a free version used by millions of websites owners. It’s by far the biggest player on the web analytics solutions market.

With very few limitations for Small, medium and even large websites. There is no surprise to be adopted by everyone and everywhere. You just hit the limit when you have millions of visits monthly. But still, you will be able to report and breakdown your data with a little sampling applying to not exhaust Google Analytics servers.

Mission and Features


Like any Google product, Google Analytics is a very open solution. You will have hundreds of reports and metrics available to report on customize and share. I can make another Blog website just to speak about it’s features. Because, i really don’t have time, let me tell you this, Google Analytics is really leading without competition in the free web analytics market. So, the first thing you can do to your website is to implement Google Analytics, setup your google analytics events, setting and start looking for your Insights.


Number of Customers



Types of customers

I really saw all different websites and apps owners using Google Analytics.


Marketing Multi-channel Attribution

Google Analytics have a very powerful list of marketing attribution reports. You can choose last, first linear and many more types of attributions.



  • Free.
  • 150,000$ (for really huge websites like cnn.com…) and more.



Mixpanel and Kissmetrics

Describing Mixpanel and Kissmetrics in the same section is a choice. They have a lot of similarities and share he same mission. Identify your customers and measure their website engagement.

Mission and Features


Source: Mixpanel Features page


Source: Kissmetrics.com

Here is the thing, Mixpanel and Kissmetrics helps you to (1) identify you customers through the login and signup information’s,  (2) using this information, you can setup website metrics and events to track and (1) WHO does (2) WHAT using funnels, events and multiple advanced reports.

They both use, behavior metrics or engagement metrics and both try to describe the same thing. What your customers are doing on your website?

Number of Customers

Thousands of paying customers for each. In July 2015, Mixpanel had more than 20,000 paying customers. They have just shared this information recently with some clients apps like Uber and Amazon.

I estimate the same numbers or even better for Kissmetrics.


Types of customers

Small, medium and now large Businesses love them both.

SaaS and content websites owners are the best candidates for Mixpanel and Kissmetrics. However, Mixpanel has an advantage on mobile apps. It’s really advanced there.


Marketing Multi-channel Attribution

Both Tools Mixpanel and Kissmetrics support Multi-channel attribution. Again, for mobile apps Mixpanel if full of documentations and can easily help. For a SaaS solution, do not hesitate to go with Kissmetrics.


The pricing for both tools is quiet similar two. There is no unlimited plans, you will pay as you go. The more you use the tool to track more event or even if your website grow with more visitors. The more you will pay.

Only difference i see, Mixpanel has a free plan that Kissmetrics does offer. But this plan is really, really,.. really limited. 60 days of history data?? who is this person that would like to just look to the last 2 months?


Mixpanel Pricing part 1


Mixpanel Pricing part 2


Kissmetrics Pricing part 1


Kissmetrics Pricing part 2


Did i missed something? For sure. Please, do not hesitate to share your experience. I manage to update this post as long as those tools evolve.

I’d recommend trying all three out in parallel with Weelytics and see what works best for you. For the first year or so we used Mixpanel through Segment, and then switched seamlessly to KISSmetrics when we needed to more carefully measure our marketing analytics efforts.




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