Effective landing pages can be your best asset for generating more leads and income with your website. I advice to implement web analytics tool on your website, if you did not yet and add track your website visitors and call to actions stats.

It’s the most important thing that can provide you with an unlimited amount of customers and people who are interested in your product or service.

Your effective landing pages could be used for anything you choose. But ideally, a landing page is used to capture a visitors name and email address.

The reason?

Because sharing an email is showing trust and means the beginning of a one on one communication.

Before you can begin optimizing your email marketing campaign, you must first collect enough email addresses. And only way to do that is with an effective landing page.

The most successful landing pages I’ve ever seen will actually deter certain people from entering in their information.

The landing page used by QuickSprout is a perfect example of this.

When someone stumbles across that particular landing page they’re greeted with a screen asking for a web address.

If the visitor doesn’t have a website, they’re going to leave.

And that’s exactly the action that QuickSprout wants to have happen.

But on the other hand, if the visitor does have a website – you’re curiously tempted to enter in your URL and then inevitably enter in your email address.

The psychology behind QuickSprout’s landing page is genius.

Here are 3 Ultimate Tips for Effective Landing Pages

1. Disqualify People

3 Ultimate Tips for Effective Landing Pages - quicksprout

It might sound counter-intuitive to create a landing page intending for people to not enter in their info, but let me explain the simple psychology behind why it’s not.

You should only want to collect emails from people that you can actually help.

If you create a landing page that is seemingly for everyone, then no one is going to fill it out. Simply because no one wants a cookie cutter solution.

A jack of all trades, is a master of none.

The reason QuickSprout’s landing page converts so well is simple, it makes people feel like it was made just for them.

It makes the visitors think, “Not everyone can enter in information here. But I can, so I will.”

QuickSprout makes you feel like that landing page is ONLY for people with websites. And if you have one, you end up feeling a little bit like that website was created just for you.

Finding a way to utilize this smart landing page trick, will send your opt-in rates through the roof.

2. Keep It Simple

3 Ultimate Tips for Effective Landing Pages - Trulia

When it comes to landing pages, less is more.

The more succinct and clear you can make your message, the better your conversion rate will be.

A landing page is not a sales page. Too much information can actually turn off a qualified lead.

When someone is overloaded with information, they tend to get a bad taste in their mouth.

That “taste” is usually the feeling that they’re about to get sold or pitched on something.

If your visitor feels like they are about to get pitched, they’re going to leave.

This landing page example from Trulia couldn’t be more straight-forward. It combines the strategy of disqualification with simplicity.

You almost want to enter in your email address simply because you want more.

The smart thing about this landing page is that after they have your email address, they then hit you with a very large form to fill out.

3. Eliminate Distractions

3 Ultimate Tips for Effective Landing Pages - blurb

For this article’s final simple tip, I wanted to use an example of what NOT to do.

Based on the screenshot above, can you tell what this website wants you to do? Just take a minute to look at it and try to identify the call the action.

Is it to click the button in the middle? Or possibly to enter your email address at the bottom?

Or maybe they want you to click the signup button at the top.

Or maybe they want you to click the menu item and check out the bookstore.

Or actually…

You know what, I’m leaving.

Too many options, leads to paralysis by analysis.

Your visitor shouldn’t have to use their brain too much on your landing page. If you’ve done a good job of identifying your target market, you can use your landing page to tell your visitor exactly what to do.

The way to do this is by eliminating every other option on the screen.

If possible, eliminate the top menu bar, or make it less noticeable on the page.

Your intention for your landing page should be to have the visitor complete the form or leave.

That kind of directed focus will turn your landing page it into an email collecting machine.

In Closing

Creating effective landing pages is not easy.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” standard to go by.

If you can creatively disqualify people, keep it simple and remove distractions from the page then your landing page will be effective.

But based on your business or industry, some or all of these simple tips might not be so simple to implement.

Which ones do you think you could start using today, and which ones would be impossible for you to use? Please let me know in the comments below.

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