Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra

Comparing Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra is exactly comparing apples to apples. It’s what makes me exited about writing these couple of lines.

For those who read our Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Google Analytics post, you were right… We were comparing apples (Mixpanel and Kissmtrics) to oranges (Google Analytics). Even they are web visitors tracking tools, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel are customer-level analytics tool when Google Analytics is a sessions and website traffic analytics tool.

We said it that way:

“Google Analytics is pretty different than Kissmetrics/Mixpanel. That’s why in this post is more about comparing Google Analytics to Mixpanel and Kissmetrics than a Mixpanel vs Google Analytics vs Kissmetrics comparison.”

Okey, let’s discover this Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra comparison.





Popularity comparison: Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra

For both, popularity and number of clients, Mixpanel is the winner with more than 89,000 clients and 10 in the Alexa top 100. When Woopra have more clients than Kissmetrics. The last (Kissmetrics) wins for the quality of his clients.

Number of websites using Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra:

Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra Popularity


Market comparison: Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra

Let’s deep deeper. This diagram shows the market position of Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and Woopra in terms of popularity and traffic compared to the most popular traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics and more.


Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra Market

by: https://w3techs.com


Common Features

What all the tools have in common are:

  • ​Funnel reports: a step by step view towards a conversion and drop-off rates for each step.
  • Advanced segmentation and filters: seeing  your website visitors in color, like location, gender and more.
  • Customers Identification:  a customer level view instead of the classic sessions and page views one.
  • Cohort and retention analysis: insights provided by a long term view of your customer behavior.

Also, i will not mention the very basic features like page views or they are all cloud-based solutions. Well, i have just did it. 🙂


Mixpanel review

You have a mobile application? Use Mixpanel now!


Mixpanel is a multi-device digital analytics tool. Effective for both websites and mobile applications. For mobile applications, when i said effective i meant it. Mixpanel is used by very famous mobile applications like Uber and Airbnb…

A full set of features is available for you:

  • Notifications
  • A/B Testing
  • Bookmarks
  • Annotations
  • Versatile Data Visualization
  • Point and Click Analytics
  • Visual Coding
  • iOS and Android Compatibility
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Autotrack
  • Retention Features
  • Customer Engagement


Simply, Mixpanel is an event-centric digital analytics tool where understand your application is a priority. A lot apps automatic events tracked. Businesses owners have used Mixpanel to track custom events, sales funnels. With billions of events and insights that Mixpanel can help you gather deep insight. Whether your app is web-based, or on iOS and Android, you have the ability to easily measure actions and not just mere page views.


Kissmetrics review

The SaaS and product websites Champion


Kissmetrics is a powerful platform that lets you determine, monitor, and enhance the metrics and other elements significant to your business. With such information coupled with a full set of reports, Kissmetrics has what it takes to help you measure your marketing strategies and improve your ROI.

Again, when it comes to understanding your customer behavior on your website, Kissmetrics is powerful, really really powerful. Also by powerful, i mean:

  • Unlimited Funnel Reports
  • Unlimited Cohort Reports
  • Unlimited Retention Reports
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles
  • Unlimited Group Contact Lists
  • Unlimited A/B Test Reports
  • Unlimited Testing/Staging Sandboxes
  • Segment Data By Any Point in Time

What is better than testing and having infinite unlimited reports and capabilities about your product or SaaS website and how your customers are using it?

For the full list of features:

  • Free Setup Guidance
  • Unlimited Funnel Reports
  • Unlimited Cohort Reports
  • Unlimited Retention Reports
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles
  • Unlimited Group Contact Lists
  • Unlimited A/B Test Reports
  • No-Limit Conversion Periods
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Testing/Staging Sandboxes
  • Segment Data By Any Point in Time
  • Real Time Data Monitoring/Debugger Tool
  • Multi and Cross Platform/Device Support
  • Data Export

All this makes Kissmetrics our SaaS and products (but not limited to) websites champion. With Kissmetrics, you will discover how you customers are using your website like never before.


Woopra review

The full customer journey analytics tool


Woopra is a customer level analytics platform. It can help you to better understand your customers’ behavior in real time, across multiple devices and touch points, including live chat, email, and help desk, both on your website and mobile app. What we really love about this tool is that they are trying with success to build a customer and web analytics in the same time. Here is the infinite list of features offered by Woopra:

  • Third party app integrations through AppConnect
  • Automatic real-time segment updating
  • Build customer segments
  • Create custom reports
  • Customer profiles
  • Data from email, live chat, and help desk
  • Deliver triggered actions
  • Funnel reports
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk and many more
  • Live KPI dashboards
  • Real-time analytics and data
  • Real-time notifications
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Track all customer activity
  • Track new and unidentified web and mobile users
  • Trigger JavaScript or Webhooks actions
  • User retention reports
  • Website and mobile app data


Woopra integrates with numerous third party apps so that you can use the data provided to automate triggered actions in your other app, such as prioritizing a help ticket or displaying a piece of content. The app also sends real-time notifications to your desktop or mobile app when customers perform important actions.

Woopra have a long list of integrations:

  • Salesforce
  • Eloqua
  • Marketo
  • BlueKai
  • Zendesk
  • Optimizely
  • Freshdesk
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Stripe
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • LiveChat Inc
  • SnapEngage
  • Olark
  • HipChat
  • Slack
  • Flowdock
  • Customer.io
  • Capsule CRM
  • MailChimp
  • Mandrill
  • MySQL
  • Pipedrive
  • Qualaroo
  • SendGrid

What we like about Woopra against Kissmetrics and Mixpanel is that they built with success a tool that combines perfectly Customer Analytics and Web Analytics. They linked the dots and this is exactly what today marketers are looking for.

Very traditional tools like Google Analytics will help you analyse the traffic and funnels of your website. Kissmetrics and Mixpanel will take it to another level where you can see what your customers are doing into your website. Woopra in the other side not only will describe the customer journey into your website, but also, how is the full digital customer journey. By bringing all together; customers profiles, email, Live Chat and real time website data. What a smart idea!


Bonus Note

For most of the successful data-driven marketers, these 3 tools together are a real analytics “Swiss Army Knife”. So, i hope you choose yours.

The most important task is to compare “Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra vs …” to our websites and digital products needs in order to make the right choice. Because, tools are just tools.

You are still not decided yet? You can use Weelytics to track your website visitors and actions information’s without coding. Then send it to Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and Woopra in the same time. After trying and when you decide what is best for you, just push the buttons to plug or unplug your tool choice.

Mixpanel vs Kissmetrics vs Woopra Weelytics Integrations



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