Without digital analytics tools, the web will not be complete. Those are the means of measurement and analysis that will help us to better understand the web. Since the invention of the web, stakeholders and professionals in the web business are constantly looking for ways to better understand and analyze the web to improve web usage experience. Today we will be looking at the best web/digital analytics and likely questions you may have in mind.

 What is Digital Analytics?

Digital analytics simply means the collection of user’s behavior data on a website/app/connected object to further improve the experience of users. Digital analytics tools data are usually displayed in tables, graphs and charts. This helps to give the analyst an in-depth understanding of the information.

What are the Information’s Contained in a Digital Analytic report?

There are various information that can be found in our digital analytics tools reports. Thousands of dimensions and metrics are available; the result of a web analysis can also be tailored to suit the specific information that the user needs. Below are some basic information you can find on a web analytic result.

  • Visitors Location
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of sessions
  • Time of visit
  • Pages visited
  • Total number of page views
  • Total number of traffic
  • Traffic source
  • Traffic medium
  • Conversions

The Ultimate list of best digital analytics tools for 2017?

We already compared Woopra to Mixpanel and KISSmetrics. Also, Google Analytics to other tools. We are are also fans of an awesome SEO Tools Today, we are doing something else, we are not comparing anything,we are not listing a couple of top 8 website visitors tracking tools. We are simply going to share the ultimate list of digital analytics tools existing in the market.

General analytics

  • Kissmetrics – Behavioral and engagement analytics platform.
  • Hotjar – new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.
  • Piwik – real-time open source app analytics tool.
  • Calq – simple, beautiful, and real-time cross-platform app analytics tool.
  • Heap – tracks your app users, clicks, form submissions, and anything else.
  • Opentracker – real time reporting, geo-location user tracking.
  • Google Analytics – de facto standard for analytics in the web analytics space.
  • Clicktale – record and watch exactly how a visitor used your website.
  • Go Squared – analytics with visitor tagging to help you dig deeper into one user’s visit.
  • Clicky – track visits and conversions, you can also track your video and audio analytics.
  • Woopra – track where your users are coming from.
  • Mint – Self-hosted analytics solution.
  • Going Up – manage SEO analytics and web app analytics with one tool.
  • Chartbeat – beautiful, real-time app analytics tool for web apps.
  • Gauges – real-time web analytics tool.
  • Indicative – Web & mobile analytics tool.
  • Open Web Analytics – open source web app analytics tool.
  • Statcountr – one of the ORIGINAL web analytics tools available.
  • Snow Plow – analytics tool for web apps with a lot of data.
  • Adobe Digital Analytics – standard analytics tools plus some that large organizations can use.
  • – real-time analytics, social media traffic reporting, and real-time dynamic segmentation.
  • Loggr – track your user events and monitor your web app.
  • Sitemeter – old analytics tool.
  • Crawl Track – another old analytics tool.
  • Sitespect – full-suite web app analytics tool including A/B testing.

Heatmap analytics

Analytics layers

  • – custom-analytics API.
  • – helps you integrate multiple app analytics tool with one piece of code.
  • – Visual tracking tool for your website visitors and events.

Mobile analytics

The tools listed here are not necessarily mobile analytics tools only. However they show a strong mobile focus.

  • Upsight – mobile app analytics tool for developers.
  • Appsflyer – all-in-one marketing tool with analytics.
  • Amazon Mobile Analytics – Amazons multi-platform, basic mobile analytics tool.
  • Tapstream – user lifecycle analytics.
  • Honeytracks – mobile app analytics for games.
  • Apsalar – analytics tool for larger app shops.
  • Roambi – 3-in-1 analytics tool that helps you track analytics, handle mobile app business intelligence, and app reporting.
  • Appcelerator – entire mobile app marketing suite.
  • Flurry – pretty much the “industry standard” for mobile app analytics.
  • – open-source mobile app analytics tool.
  • Playtomatic – mobile app open source analytics tool for games.
  • Amplitude – real-time mobile analytics with all data provided in redshift.
  • Appsee – mobile app analytics platform automatically tracks all users’ interactions in your app
  • Mixpanel – fully featured mobile analytics platform with segmentation and push.
  • Localytics – fast and beautiful real-time mobile analytics platform with in-app and push.
  • GameAnalytics – leading game analytics platform.

App store digital analytics tools

  • Appfigures – app store analytics to track sales, reviews and rankings with an API.
  • Appannie – track your app data from iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.
  • Distimo – free app store analytics (acquired by Appannie).
  • Priori Data – track and benchmark the performance of apps on Apple- and Play store.
  • Asking Point – track your mobile app user ratings.
  • Apptrace – fast and free app store analytics platform.

Attribution tracking digital analytics tools

Social media analytics

Often there is no clear differentiation between social media management and analytics as most the tools provide analytics.

  • Klout – Social media analytics and planning platform.
  • Falconsocial – communications platform built on social media with analytics.
  • Quintly – web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance.
  • Kred – Klout-like social media analytics platform.
  • Buffer – Social media publishing and analytics platform.
  • Topsy – Social analytics tool with search.
  • SocialBlade – premiere YouTube statistics tracking.
  • SocialBench – Social media analytics platform.
  • Hootsuite – Social media management dashbaord.
  • Brandwatch – Social media monitoring and analytics.
  • Sproutsocial – Social media management and analytics platform.

Analytics dashboards

  • Freeboard – open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups.
  • Ducksboard – visualize and share the data that matters most to you and your team.
  • Dashthis – visualize and share the data in the cloud.

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